COVID-19 fragments found in Colac’s wastewater

The Health Department has detected “very low levels” of coronavirus fragments in Colac’s wastewater, and is urging anyone with symptoms to get tested.

The department took a sample of Colac’s wastewater at the city’s sewage treatment plant last Monday, November 23.

Initial testing was inconclusive and experts did further analysis of the sample. The DHHS received results yesterday that showed very low levels of viral fragments were present.

People who have the virus or who have recently recovered from COVID-19 can shed fragments of the virus for weeks or months, and these can enter wastewater through toilets, sinks and drains.

This viral shedding can come from different sources such as used tissues, off hands and skin, or in faeces.

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DHHS says anyone with symptoms, especially if they have been in the Colac area, should get tested.

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