CDFNL club pulls under-18 football team

A Colac district league club has already begun planning for season 2022 after making the difficult decision to pull its under-18 football team this week.

South Colac had battled for players in the opening two weeks of the season, forcing them to forfeit Saturday’s round three clash with Apollo Bay.

Roos junior official Mick Baker confirmed today that the club had withdrawn its side from the competition for the remainder of the season.

South Colac is among a host of clubs battling for numbers in the under-18 ranks this year, with Otway Districts and Simpson also short.

The Roos had eight players for their round one clash with Irrewarra-Beeac, and seven in round two against Lorne.

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The Roos had been busy trying to entice junior players in the off-season, offering free membership, registration, club apparel, transport to and from games, as well as food and drink vouchers for the weekend “to try and make it easy for kids to play if the costs were a constraint”.

The club had also introduced a junior development program, with senior footballers helping to mentor players.

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