He’s our very own Iron Chef

CONTENDER: Lorne chef Sacha Meier will appear as a contestant on Channel Seven’s Iron Chef Australia.

A Colac district chef will be a contestant on Channel Seven’s version of popular stadium cook-off television series Iron Chef.
Sacha Meier of ba ba lu Bar at Lorne is one of seven emerging professionals chosen to compete against acclaimed Australian chefs Neil Perry, Guy Grossi and Guillaume Brahimi in Iron Chef Australia.
Contestants from the first series of MasterChef, Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins, will also line up as challengers in the series.
Meier said he was surprised by his selection after being initially sceptical about the legitimacy of the phone call telling him he was on the show.
“They just called me in July and asked if I wanted to be on Iron Chef,” he said.
“I said ‘sure’ but I thought it was some friends having a bit of a joke, actually. But it turned out to be ridgy-didge.
“I was shocked because what we do down here is simple and I thought Iron Chef was more fancy stuff.”
Channel Seven camera crews visited Meier at his restaurant to film him in the kitchen and returned to the coastal town to film a series of profile and interview pieces for the show.
Production began in Melbourne in late September with each episode centred on one contestant.
And despite Meier’s episode already being filmed, he could not give much away.
“All I can tell you is it was a very intense one hour, you literally only get one hour,” he said.
“You don’t know what the secret ingredient is until three or four minutes before you start and you have to plate up four dishes.”
Meier said the time constraints provided him with nervous moments during filming.
“The first 15 minutes goes by in a flash and eight minutes before the end, I had nothing plated up,” he said.
“Then something really terrible happened and it was touch and go whether I was going to get the four plates up.”
Meier said although he was only cooking for one hour he spent 12 hours in the studio.
He said he enjoyed the experience despite initial reservations.
“Fantastic day, it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I did it,” he said.
“I was actually going to pull out and not do it at one stage because I was getting about eight phone calls a day and it was all getting a bit intense.
“I’m really stoked because Lorne will get a really good plug out of it.”
The series will air on Channel Seven during November.

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