New calves cope in wet conditions

SALE: David Hardie was happy with the quality of calves at Colac Livestock Selling Centre.

Colac district dairy farmers say they’ve experienced a smooth calving season, with wet weather causing only minor disruptions.
Chapple Vale dairy farmer John Jennings, who works with his father Geoff, said they had 160 calves and 40 still to arrive.
“There’s a few which are still coming, we started calving in about August and will finish at the end of December,” Mr Jennings said.
He said flood waters had inundated their farm in August and September and they were forced to move their cows to higher ground.
“We were flooded out so we had to move them up the hills, we only lost two to calving but I think some people would’ve lost some in the floods,” Mr Jennings said.
He said he noticed an increase in mastitis cases because of the wet weather and muddy conditions.
“We had the vets out a few times and we treated the cows, so it was all fine,” he said.
Larpent’s Phil Harris said his cows had finished calving and he was happy with the way the season had gone.
“It wasn’t too bad, there was a bit of a difficult period when we were trying to find somewhere dry for them to calve down,” Mr Harris said.
“The further south you went, the worse it got in terms of the wet and the trouble it caused,” he said.
“We were okay here, it was a bit different though after all those dry years, but that period has passed now as we get into spring weather,” he said.
Gellibrand dairy farmer Graeme Sutherland said calving season had finished for most farmers and this year was similar to other years.
“There will be a few late ones but mostly it’s all done for another year,” Mr Sutherland said.

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