Speeding hoon’s car impounded

SEIZED: Leading Senior Constable Greg Hagart with the Nissan Skyline impounded under Victoria’s hoon laws.

Colac police impounded an 18 year-old Colac man’s car after catching him driving almost 50kmh over the speed limit.
Police intercepted the Nissan Skyline on the Great Ocean Road at Skenes Creek after detecting it travelling at 119kmh in a 70kmh zone.
Police charged the driver with excessive speed, use of a high-powered vehicle on P1
restrictions, driving an unroadworthy vehicle and having illegal engine modifications.
The driver surrendered his Nissan Skyline on Friday afternoon and will be able to retrieve his vehicle today.
The hoon will be without a licence for at least 18 months, 12 months for the initial speeding infringement and at least six months with the loss of 11 demerit points for the remaining offences.
As well as losing his licence, the man faces more than $1500 in fines, towing and impounding costs.
Leading Senior Constable Greg Hagart of Colac Highway Patrol said police would not tolerate hoon driving and drivers had to be held responsible for their actions.
“It’s simple, you do the crime and you do the time. If you make these illegal modifications to your car you must suffer the consequences,” he said.
“He’s got the best penalty, being financial and loss of licence. Not loss of life or jail time.”
Meanwhile, Lorne police say they are closely monitoring motorcyclists travelling along the Great Ocean Road.
Police launched Operation Defiance last week, a crackdown on motorcyclists speeding on the dangerous stretch of road.
Lorne’s Sergeant David Cooper said police would patrol the road as riders head home today home from Philip Island’s Grand Prix.

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