Theft of exotic bird leaves owner lost

Colac’s Christine Cazaly outside the cage where she kept her beloved parrot.

A Colac woman says she feels “lost” after the theft of her rare pet bird.

Christine Cazaly said she woke on Thursday to find her 12-month-old blue Indian ringneck parrot Indigo missing from its cage in her back yard.

“I couldn’t believe it, I came out to give Indigo a feed and I thought oh my god, where has the bird gone?”

“Then I noticed that the cage door was all funny and the lock had been picked,” Ms Cazaly said.

She said she had also noticed meat missing from her outside freezer three nights earlier.

Ms Cazaly said she was desperate for information on the whereabouts of her prized pet.

“It’s worth about $190 on the internet but he’s worth much more to me,” she said.

Ms Cazaly said she would offer a reward for the safe return of her bird, which has blue feathers and a pink beak.

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