‘Real friends’ would stop drink drivers

Police say real friends would stop their mates drink driving.

A COLAC policeman has called on residents to be “real friends” and prevent their mates from drink driving.

Leading Senior Constable Peter Howie of Colac Police said people should act responsibly and stop their friends from driving if they know they have been drinking.

Sen Const Howie’s comments come after police arrested an 18-year-old Colac man with a blood alcohol level of 0.092 at the weekend.

The man had only had his probationary licence for six weeks and was travelling with three passengers in his car.

Police intercepted the p-plater during a routine patrol at 2.15am on Saturday.

He was driving a Holden Commodore station wagon.

Sen Const Howie said a breath-test of the man found that he exceeded the legal limit for P-platers, which is zero.

The P-plater will also face criminal damage charges after damage caused by burn-outs on an oval at Colac’s Trinity College.

His vehicle was impounded under hoon legislation for 48 hours.

Meanwhile, police attended Colac’s Union Hotel on Friday night after a verbal altercation between drinkers.

Sen Const Howie said the incident was quickly resolved and police took no one into custody.

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