Colac couple marks 70 years of marriage

Colac’s Norman and Jean Foley will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary with their family on Sunday.

Colac’s Norman and Jean Foley are already receiving cards congratulating them on 70 years of marriage.

The couple’s milestone wedding anniversary is on Saturday and Mr and Mrs Foley will celebrate with a family party on Sunday.

Mr Foley, 93, and Mrs Foley, 89, have lived their entire lives in and around Colac.

The couple met as teenagers at Oddfellows Hall on Gellibrand Street and married at St Andrew’s Church in Colac in 1941.

“I used to go with my mum and dad to the dances and Norm’s mum and dad used to do the suppers. And that’s how we met,” Mrs Foley said.

Mrs Foley said she and her husband were both born in Colac and raised their family in the town.

“We’ve been here all our lives, we’ve bred our four boys here and I’ve had no problems. We’ve been blessed with what we’re got and it’s been wonderful,” Mrs Foley said.

The Foleys have four sons – Ronald, Barry, Ian and Peter – 11 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.

Mr and Mrs Foley are life members of the Central Bowling Club and Mr Foley plays three times a week.

Mrs Foley said her husband looked after her around the house and tended to the garden every day.

“I couldn’t live without him. He does all the cooking,” Mrs Foley said.

“And the shopping too, of course,” Mr Foley said.

Mr and Mrs Foley said the key to a long and happy marriage was working together.

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