Floods exacerbate public housing list

Flooding will lead to increased demand for public housing.

Homeless families are facing growing waiting lists for public housing in the Colac district, with Victoria’s floods set to worsen the situation.

Salvation Army Social Housing Service regional manager Lisa Dalla-Zuanna said the number of people applying for public housing “had only grown” in the past six months.

“It’s getting worse, lots of people are applying because of rental rises that they can’t afford, retrenchment which causes families to relocate or because of direct homelessness,” Ms Dalla-Zuanna said.

The latest State Government housing figures show 3244 people were on Barwon south-west region’s waiting list for public housing in September, a 6.29-per-cent rise from the previous quarter.

Ms Dalla-Zuanna said the figure would rise as people in flood-affected areas moved to find work.

Ms Dalla-Zuanna said people often waited up to two years to move into public housing in Colac.

“If people come through our Salvation Army Social Housing Service, our goal is 12 months of waiting time but there’s still a lengthy process involved,” she said.

A Federal Government social housing project funded 16 new townhouses for Colac last year.

Ms Dalla-Zuanna said the solution to the housing crisis was continuing to build more public houses.

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