Police called to nightclub fight

Police had to use capsicum spray on two men fighting in Colac.

STAFF at a Colac nightspot called police for help and closed early after a fight early yesterday.

Police helped security staff at the Austral’s Hush nightclub eject two male patrons involved in an altercation about 2am which caused management to close the venue’s doors early.

Police later used capsicum spray on the same two men who were involved in another altercation in Murray Street opposite Memorial Square.

In an unrelated incident, another man received a punch to the head while he was walking home in an unprovoked attack at Memorial Square early yesterday.

Meanwhile, police attended two car crashes in the space of four hours at Skenes Creek on Friday.

Senior Constable Paul Dougherty of Apollo Bay said the crashes happened on the Skenes Creek-Forrest Road when the vehicles slipped off the side of the road.

The first crash involved a 19-year-old driver at 10am, and the second involved a 78-year-old woman at 2pm.

Both women went to Colac Hospital with minor injuries.

In other news, Colac police also breath tested about 100 drivers in Murray Street on Friday.

All tested drivers were under the legal blood alcohol level.

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