Angels looking after crash victims


COLAC’S Heath Armstrong and Emily Cowley say they must have angels looking after them.

Mr Armstrong, 23, said he was putting safety first when he pulled over his 1999 Ford Falcon XH ute “a truck width” away from the Princes Highway at Winchelsea for a powernap.

Colac’s Heath Armstrong and Emily Cowley were sleeping in their car “a truck width” from the Princes Highway at Winchelsea when a logging truck hit their car on Tuesday morning.

It was the couple’s second powernap in the early hours of Tuesday morning after Mr Armstrong travelled to Melbourne to pick up his girlfriend from a concert.

Miss Cowley, 19, described what happened 18 minutes later as a “washing machine of smashed dirt and glass”.

“It was like being bashed up in the dark. I wasn’t sure if it was a dream, it was just so unreal. It was so painful,” she said.

A logging truck slammed into the couple’s car, pushing it 20 metres down the road and into a ditch.

Heath Armstrong’s 1999 Ford Falcon XH ute was ruined when a logging truck hit it.

The truck’s empty trailer landed on top of the car.

The couple escaped with only minor injuries, but Mr Armstrong said he was affected by more than just the cuts and bruises on his body.

“I keep waking up with the truck hitting the back of the car,” he said.

“Nothing has ever affected me as bad as this.”

Mr Armstrong said he understood the importance of a powernap having “driven that road so many times”.

He said he had taken powernaps in the area opposite Winchelsea’s BP Service Station before and considered it safe but would take extra precautions  next time he took a powernap

Sergeant Dan Willsmore of Colac said police were investigatigating the crash.

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