Police hunt for busy car thief

Colac’s Kira Hay is one of five victims who discovered their cars missing from their driveways during the past week.

POLICE are searching for a thief who stole five unlocked cars from driveways across Colac.

Colac Criminal Investigation Unit’s Detective Sergeant Peter Griffiths said the spate of thefts occurred within four days.

Police have recovered three of the five stolen cars, with one abandoned in Colac’s Brown Street and two at Camperdown on Monday.

The thefts included cars from Colac’s Hearn Street, Churchill Square and Pound Road.

Detective Constable Nikki Kowalski of Colac police helps assess a stolen car recovered at Colac’s Brown Street.

Colac’s Kira Hay said she was shocked to find her 1999 Ford Laser missing from her Hearn Street driveway.

“It was parked in my mum’s driveway, unfortunately it had the keys still in it because my boyfriend had dropped it off on Sunday night and I forgot to go out and take the keys,” Ms Hay said.

“But my car was parked in front of my mum’s car which had the window rolled down, so whoever it was has rolled my mum’s car out of the way, drove my car out, and rolled mum’s back in,” she said.

Det Griffiths urged people to “be vigilant” about securing their cars.

“People need to be proactive about this, and that means taking their keys out of the car with them, locking their cars, not keeping valuables inside and thinking about installing sensor lights at their homes,” Det Griffiths said.

“As well as the inconvenience of having your car stolen, there’s also the chaos that can be caused with those stolen cars – they can be used in other crimes or dangerous driving,” he said.

“And then there’s the issue of insurance, because insurance companies are reluctant to pay-out on vehicles that haven’t been properly secured.”

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