Burnout hoons face car crushing

THREE burnouts could mean a crushed car for Colac hoons as the State Government ramps up its crackdown on senseless driving.

Senior Constable Dickson of Colac Highway Patrol said the proposed legislation, which would come into effect from July, would more than triple the 48-hour impoundment time for hoons’ vehicles.

“New legislation will see an increase in minimum time of impoundment up to seven days for a first offence,” Sen Const Dickson said.

He said repeat offenders could lose their vehicles for extended periods or find themselves collecting a cube of metal rather than a car.

“It will also see an increase in the impoundment times for subsequent offences and I do believe there is the provision there for vehicle crushing for a third offence,” Sen Const Dickson said.

“As soon as that legislation is clarified we’ll get it out to the public for their information,” he said.

Sen Const Dickson said highway patrol officers were always on the look-out for “all kinds of erratic driving”, not only detecting speed and drink-driving.

Sen Const Dickson’s message comes after Colac police charged a 17-year-old Colac boy with 10 traffic offences and impounded his car after he performed a burnout in Sinclair Street on Friday night.

The driver was unlicensed and had an unlicensed passenger.

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