Colac woman caught in Geelong bomb scare

Chelsea Speirs found herself caught up in a Geelong bomb scare.

A COLAC woman was unaware she was caught in a bomb scare in central Geelong yesterday.

Chelsea Speirs, 20, was shopping with a friend in Geelong’s central business district at lunch time when a bomb scare caused the city to go into lockdown.

Ms Speirs said she walked out of a Malop Street shop to find police “everywhere” and surrounding streets cordoned off.

“We got home and had a look on the internet and saw that there was a bomb scare,” Ms Speirs said.

“We freaked out a little bit because we had no idea,” she said.

Police arrested a 28-year-old Clifton Springs man in relation to the bomb scare.

Officers from the bomb squad inspected and cleared a Renault minivan parked outside a nearby Bendigo Bank branch on Malop Street.

“We saw the car parked in the middle of the road and police guarding the area around it,” Ms Speirs said.

“It was shocking because we were just shopping and we had no idea that there could have been a bomb go off,” she said.

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