Internet map leaves hikers stranded

YOU can’t always rely on Google maps.

That’s the lesson two Melbourne women learnt after they went walking near Apollo Bay and lost their way, sparking a three-hour search.

Apollo Bay Country Fire Authority captain Colin Coleman said the women had followed a map from internet search engine Google and became disorientated in a bush gully near Tuxion Road on Tuesday night.

“We got the call about 5pm that these two women had called the police and were lost, they had planned to do a loop of the track but couldn’t work out where they were,” Mr Coleman said.

“We had nine CFA guys work with search and rescue to look for them, and we found them just after 8pm when it was well and truly dark,” he said.

“So the main lesson is to carry a reasonable map.”

Mr Coleman said the women were lucky their phone had enough reception to call for help.

“If they had kept walking forwards over the ridge, they most likely wouldn’t have been able to call anyone, and that’s when you can get into some real trouble,” he said.

“Their phone was invaluable because we were able to talk to them directly and they could explain landmarks to us.”

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