More counterfeit cash surfaces

Nikki Kowalski

Colac’s Detective Constable Nikki Kowalski holds two counterfeit $50 notes police found in Colac. She said people could distinguish the fake notes from their soft texture, clear holograms and ability to tear easily.

POLICE are urging Colac and district businesses to double-check the money they receive after more counterfeit $50 notes emerged in the district.

Fake $50 notes have circulated Colac and district during the past two weeks, including two notes found at Colac’s Hulms Bakery and KFC.

A further three fake $50 notes turned up at Apollo Bay, and a shopkeeper rejected one from a customer at Lorne.

Colac Criminal Investigation Unit’s Detective Sergeant Peter Griffiths said the counterfeit notes had spread to communities across south-west Victoria.

“They’ve been found from the Bellarine Peninsula all the way to Warrnambool and Terang,” Det Sgt Griffiths said.

“The biggest indicator is the feel of them, they’re soft and papery and you can feel a ridge where the hologram starts,” he told The Colac Herald.

Det Sgt Griffiths said police were attempting to trace the notes to a manufacturer.

“If traders are unsure about a particular note they get, they can ask the customer to go swap it at the bank and they can also report any suspicious notes they find to police,” Det Sgt Griffiths said.

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