Police nab under-age hoon

POLICE have charged an under-age Colac driver with 10 driving offences and impounded his car as they continue to put the skids on hooning.

Leading Senior Constable David Dickson of Colac Highway Patrol said police stopped a 17-year-old learner driver after seeing him do a burnout into Sinclair Street about 8.20pm Friday.

Sen Const Dickson said police impounded the early 1990s model Holden Commodore and charged the driver, who had an unlicensed passenger, with a string of offences including careless driving.

Sen Const Dickson said he hoped the driver would learn from his mistake.

“It’s not a good start for him in his driving career,” he said.

“One could only hope that he learns from this mistake and grows as a human being and learns his responsibilities for the rest of us.

“Everybody makes mistakes and does stupid things but it’s what they learn from these mistakes that determines what they are worth to society.”

Detectives investigate theft from Colac house

POLICE are investigating a burglary and vehicle theft from a Colac house.

Detective Chris Potter of Colac Criminal Investigation Unit said unknown offenders entered the Hewitt Street house and stole various items including a lap-top computer on Friday night.

Det Potter said the offenders then stole car keys from the house and took a white Ford utility joyriding and performed burnouts before running the ute off the road and abandoning it.

Det Potter urged anyone with information to contact Colac CIU on 5231 2613 or Crime Stoppers.

Meanwhile, a string of traffic offences kept Camperdown police busy at the weekend.

Police charged two drink drivers, a 49-year-old South Australian woman for exceeding the blood-alcohol limit on Friday night, and a 43-year-old Camperdown man for refusing a breath test on Saturday night.

Senior Constable Martin Howells of Camperdown said the man who refused the breath test was “clearly intoxicated” and police summonsed him to appear in court, with the woman receiving a penalty notice.

Camperdown police nabbed three speeding motorists, the fastest travelling at 121kmh on the Princes Highway.

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