Police have new warning for hoon drivers

Sergeant Shane Howard has a warning for hoon drivers.

COLAC police have warned against hoon driving ahead of the July 1 introduction of tougher anti-hooning laws.

Sergeant Shane Howard of Colac Highway Patrol said the new laws, which would increase car impoundment from two to 30 days for hoon drivers, would apply to motorists of all ages.

“It’s not just kids we’re talking about, there are a lot of so-called responsible drivers out there who regularly breach road laws with excessive speeds,” Sgt Howard said.

“So not only will they get a fine in excess of $500 and lose their license for 12 months, they’ll also have their vehicles locked away for a month which makes it effectively a 13-month penalty,” he said.

“Usually the drivers we catch can still drive their cars for a month while they wait for their penalty, but now they won’t have a car to drive during that period.”

Watch the video to see Colac hoons in action

Roads Minister Terry Mulder introduced the hoon driving bill to State Parliament this week.

He said the government would also introduce laws to ban drivers overloading their cars with more passengers than they were allowed to carry.

“This legislation is about drivers taking responsibility for their actions and knowing that if they do the wrong thing, there is an immediate and substantial penalty,” Mr Mulder said.

“Since hoon laws were introduced in 2006, more than 13,000 vehicles have been impounded but there is an ongoing challenge to reduce the number of dangerous drivers who engage in hoon behaviour,” he said.

Police will also have the power to impound vehicles for other high-risk offences, including repeat offences of unlicensed driving, drink driving and drug driving.

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