Great Ocean Road driver nabbed at 152kmh

And a P-plater was caught doing 142kmh

Police caught drivers travelling at up to 152kmh on the Great Ocean Road at the weekend.

PORT CAMPBELL police caught an international motorist travelling at 152kmh and a P-Plater travelling at 142kmh on the Great Ocean Road.

Leading Senior Constable Ashley Ellemor caught a Malaysian national woman travelling at 152kmh in a 100kmh-zone near the Twelve Apostles.

A Port Campbell police spokesman said the 21-year-old woman was driving a Toyota black hatchback hire car with three female passengers in the car at about 6pm.

“Her alleged speed was 150 kmh, she received a $611 fine, she lost eight demerit points and her licence was suspended for 12 months in Victoria,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sen Const Ellemor caught a Mulgrave red P-Plater, who only had his licence for a week, travelling at 142kmh in a 100kmh zone the following day.

“His licence was suspended for six months, he was fined $519 and lost six demerit points,” the spokesman said.

He said the two incidents on Wednesday and Thursday were a warning to drivers to slow down on Colac district’s coastal roads.

“The boy was driving when the weather was wet, it was between showers,” the spokesman said.

“The woman was driving in the dark, there are big eastern grey kangaroos around that area and at that speed it could be all over.”

Car crash victim in critical condition

A MAN injured in a car accident at Beeac last week remained in a critical condition last night.

An Alfred Hospital spokesman said the man was “critical” and a female occupant of the car was “stable” when the Colac Herald went to print.

The people were travelling along the Colac-Ballarat Road north of Beeac on Thursday morning when their Ford Falcon collided with a rubbish truck’s rear.

The Beeac crash came only after a week after a car accident at Yeodene, which killed Barwon Downs’ Josh Stevenson, 17, and hospitalised three children.

A spokeswoman from the Royal Children’s Hospital said Colac’s James Ferrari, 14, remained in hospital in a stable condition.

She said Josh’s brother Mitchell Stevenson, 10, had been discharged.

Family and friends will farewell Josh, described as an “enthusiastic and likeable” teenager, at a funeral service in Colac today.

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