Mum wants new approach to bullying

Seven-year-old ends up in hospital

Kay van Rijthoven wants action against bullies after her seven-year-old son was hospitalised with concussion.

A COLAC district mother wants a new approach to bullying after an alleged playground incident left a seven-year-old boy concussed and in hospital.

Kay van Rijthoven of Warrion says her son spent a night in an emergency ward with a head injury after allegedly having his head hit against the ground and back and legs jumped on.

“He came off the bus holding his head and saying his back hurt and his legs hurt and told me what happened and I thought he must have been blowing it out of proportion,” Mrs van Rijthoven said.

“But the next day he was still crook and dizzy; he couldn’t even stand or walk properly so I took him to the doctors,” she said.

“He had to have a CT scan and he spent the night in emergency.

“It was the doctor who told me I had to do something.”

Mrs van Rijthoven said the incident at Alvie Consolidated School happened a week ago.

Parents will meet at the school today to discuss the issue.

Mrs van Rijthoven said she had kept her son away from the school after the incident.

She said she wanted bullying at schools to attract a mandatory period of suspension.

A school spokesman declined to comment on the alleged incident, saying it was inappropriate to comment until there had been a thorough investigation.

Mrs van Rijthoven said her son had faced a similar incident at a previous school and she had moved him to the current school after another pupil allegedly grabbed him around the throat.

“I’m concerned he’s falling into the victim category and if I don’t stop it now it will just keep happening,” she said.

Chris Smith, the chairman of Colac’s community-based group Our Kids Need You, said bullying was generally a problem at all schools and he said parents and teachers needed to monitor children.

“I think all of us need to be aware our children are all potential bullies and they will push boundaries,” he said.

“The first thing parents can do is sit down with their own child and explain it’s not acceptable,” Mr Smith said.

“It’s important to have an understanding of what’s happening and how to help children to avoid it.”

One Response to “Mum wants new approach to bullying”

  1. Nicole Passalaqua

    I am with Kay about the bullying needs to be approached, I didn’t know anything about this until it was a little to late(Friday I find out from my son a little about it and one of the other mums had rang and talked to me about it and said it was in the paper and my daughter had said something about that it had been on the local news as well).. But I think you need to know the story behind it…
    You know I was not even told by the school that all this had gone on and that my son and 2 other boys involved in this had spent time in the office didn’t get outside at lunch time to play.. Then while my son was home sick a teacher from the school had rang up on the tuesday to speak to my son about the incident and did not speak to me at all about the whole thing. Now how wrong is that. Then I read the same day the teacher had rang up about the incident that parents where meeting at the school to discuss the issues.. Why was I not told or asked to go up to the school or rang up and told about all the issues???