Police want teens to re-think behaviour

Gatecrashers ruin party, risk lives

COLAC police want young people to re-think risky behaviour, after dozens of youths gatecrashed a party before risking their lives by blocking a road.

Witnesses have reported seeing dozens of youths walking in the middle of the road after a teenager’s birthday party at a Colac home.

The reports come in the wake of Colac teen Patrick Tibbits’ death after a truck hit him at Drapers Road, Colac East, on August 6.

The hosts of Saturday night’s party said they called off the event after more than 50 people gatecrashed the party.

“When we cancelled the party and said we’d called the police, they all just took off,” the teen’s mother said.

“We tried to get them to stay here and call their rides but the minute we told them we called the police, they all took off,” she said.

Sergeant Nick Buenen of Colac police said the youths had smashed glass on the road, making it unsafe for pedestrians and motorists. Sgt Buenen warned people to take care when walking on Colac and district streets at night.

“There wasn’t a lot of heavy traffic but obviously the warning is, especially after recent events which are tragic, we don’t want a similar event,” he said.

Sgt Buenen said police arrested two people aged 20 for drunkenness and failing to move on when directed, and fined them $500 and $1000.

He said police were also investigating damage to the home’s garage and letterboxes in the street.

“The party organisers did the right thing,” he said.

“They registered with Partysafe, they called police at the earliest sign of problems and at 11pm the problem was solved, rather than at 2am the problem not being solved.”

People who picked up their children from the party said the sight of youths walking in the middle of the road was disturbing.

“It concerned me because of what had happened the week before with Patrick Tibbits and you just think, it’s a possibility,” a parent said.

“It didn’t happen and they weren’t on the road when I was there, but I did drive very carefully because you’re conscious of the fact they’re not concentrating,” she said.

“In the light of what had happened the week before, I just thought it could’ve been a potentially dangerous situation.”

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  1. Underarock

    People aged 20 are not youths,name an shame them.