Car crash victim walks two kilometres with back injury

A SKENES CREEK man walked two kilometres to find help after suffering a back injury in a car crash.

Senior Constable Ros O’Grady from Apollo Bay police said officers were driving up Skenes Creek Road at 11.15pm on Monday when they discovered the 28-year-old man, about two kilometres from Beacon Point.

“We saw him walking towards us and he said he had a car accident down Skenes Creek Road,” she said.

Sen Const O’Grady said the man’s vehicle had “gone off the side” of the hillside road.

She said the vehicle was probably a write-off.

Ambulance Victoria spokeswoman Gabrielle Denenh- ardt said the man suffered a back injury and was in a “serious condition”.

Paramedics transported the man, who was “in a lot of pain and a bit of shock”, to the Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve, from where a Warrnambool air ambulance transported the man to Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital.

The man was in a stable condition when the Colac Herald spoke to an Alfred Hospital spokesman yesterday afternoon.

An Apollo Bay police spokesman said officers were investigating the cause of the accident.

“It is unclear at this stage as to the cause however police do believe it was driver error,” the spokesman said.

“Skenes Creek Road does tend to have a lot of collisions on it because of the nature of the road being windy in a bush setting, debris does tend to gather

on the road and some places have landslips etcetera,” he said.

“We always try and tell drivers to be careful particularly due to inclement weather – whether that’s high winds which cause debris on the road or rain that can make the roads slippery.”

The spokesman said the severity of the man’s injuries meant police had been unable to interview him.

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