Graffitti filth greets Colac travellers

Vulgar graffitti greets travellers arriving in Colac. The Colac Herald has pixellated the offensive words.

FILTHY graffiti is welcoming travellers to Colac.

Colac community leaders have slammed the graffiti attack on a bus stop at Colac Railway Station.

Vandals scrawled profanity in white paint across the V-Line bus stop, also defacing signs for the region’s iconic Old Beechy Rail Trail.

Colac Otway Shire councillor and Old Beechy Rail Trail committee member Chris Smith labelled the vandalism as “a disappointing and senseless act”.

“Obviously it’s a very senseless act that somebody has done – fortunately it appears we’re going to be able to clean it off with a bit of elbow grease,” Cr Smith said.

“It’s still very disappointing that someone would do it in the first place considering the considerable expense and effort that has gone into it,” he said.

“I guess they just need to take a really good, hard look at themselves as to why they would want to do this and to think through the results and what it means to our community – and how it portrays our community.”

Cr Smith, who is also a Colac Otway Shire Youth Council mentor, said vandalism wasn’t an issue isolated to Colac.

“I think graffiti is across the board in most towns but obviously in a prominent place like that it’s not something that any town wants to see,” he said.

“I guess the reality is that people who have access to items that they can use for graffiti, unfortunately don’t think through their actions,” Cr Smith said.

He said he expected workers to remove the graffiti yesterday afternoon.

Sergeant Murray Matthews of Colac police said the graffiti was “not the sort of message we want to send about Colac”.

“We want to send the message that Colac is a law-abiding town and a friendly environment,” Sgt Matthews said.

“People that put graffiti out in the public for everyone to see really discolour the reputation of the town and the people,” he said.

Sgt Matthews said vandals faced court and clean-up costs if caught.

Meanwhile, Colac police have interviewed a Colac girl and Geelong girl, both aged 12 to 16, who allegedly shoplifted $45 worth of confectionery and soft drinks from Elliminyt Mini Mart.

Sgt Matthews said the girls were allegedly putting the goods in a backpack when shop managers saw them.

He said the managers kept the girls at the shop until police arrived on Wednesday afternoon.

“They will possibly face court at a later date or possibly be part of a cautioning program,” Sgt Matthews said.

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