Honesty is Colac youngster’s policy

EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Sienna Buckle doesn’t live by the saying “finders keepers”.

The Elliminyt Primary School Grade Three pupil didn’t think twice when she found an envelope of money while doing bike education with the school at Joiner Reserve, South Colac Football Netball Club’s home ground.

Elliminyt Primary School pupil Sienna Buckle has received a new netball after she found and handed in money which fell out of a senior footballer’s pocket at Joiner Reserve. Sienna was doing bike education with her school when she found the cash. She is pictured with South Colac Football Netball Club president Allan Speirs.

Sienna immediately told supervisors and teacher in charge Maree Daffy after finding the “small sum of money” last week, which had fallen out of a South Colac senior footballer’s pocket as he was leaving training the night before.

The club has rewarded Sienna for her honesty with a new netball.

“We’re very appreciative of what she’s done, it’s great honesty,” South Colac president Allan Speirs said.

“I was pretty chuffed it had been handed back in and I congratulate the student for their honesty and the school for the integrity they have going through their students,” he said.

“The player had been scratching his head, he knew he had lost it and was very appreciative to find out that it had been found and handed in.”

Teacher Maree Daffy said Sienna’s honesty was a reflection of her character.

“Yes it is, she is always very honest and a very conscientious girl,” Mrs Daffy said.

Sienna said she originally thought “it was just a note or an envelope” and never considered pocketing the money.

“I thought it might have been somebody’s who had left it there so I told the adult that was riding with me,” she said.

Sienna thanked South Colac Sports Club for her new netball and had a message for anyone who found someone else’s money and considered keeping it.

“It wouldn’t be very good because they might want to spend it – It’s good to give it back.”

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