Cross-dresssing students told to change

Colac's Trinity College principal Tim O'Farrell.

A COLAC school principal has defended a decision to intervene in Year 12 final-week dress-up festivities.

Trinity College Colac Year 12 students arrived at school dressed in school uniform, but as the opposite sex.

The Colac Herald believes teachers instructed students to change into proper uniform during the morning and those who didn’t have other clothes with them had to go home to change.

Students vented their frustrations online throughout the day saying the teachers needed to “lighten up”.

Principal Tim O’Farrell said the school had no issues with the nature of the dress-ups, but teachers asked students to change because they were required to be in “proper uniform” on Tuesday when the incident occurred.

“We support the students having their dress ups on a Thursday when we have our breakfast and trip to Lorne – but the rest of the week is classes as usual with normal expectations,” Mr O’Farrell said.

“That day they were required to be in proper school uniform – they had their commemorative Year 12 shirts which they could wear yesterday and today,” he said.

Mr O’Farrell said he wasn’t aware of the “cross-dress day” being a Year 12 final-week tradition at the school.

He said the students understood why teachers called a premature end to the dress-up day and he said the rest of the week had been a success.

“My understanding is they were fantastic – it was just a matter of getting into normal school uniform for a normal school day – they’re great kids,” Mr O’Farrell said.

“The students have just been superb this week,” he said.

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