Aussie icon adds voice to Colac film

Up There Cazaly and One Day in September songwriter Mike Brady, centre, with Colac filmmakers Lachlan Ryan and Jarrod Theodore.

“CRAZY”, “great” and “wonderful” are just three of the words Australian icon Mike Brady uses to describe Colac film Reverse Runner.

Brady, who wrote football anthems Up There Cazaly and One Day in September, recorded a voiceover for Reverse Runner’s trailer this week.

Reverse Runner filmmaker Jarrod Theodore, of Colac, met Brady at a radio conference which he attended for his employer, Ace Radio.

“He was a surprise guest speaker there, no one knew he was going to be there,” Theodore said.

“I pretty much just approached him afterwards and showed him a sneak peak of the trailer on my phone and I said his voice would be perfect for it, after sitting there listening to him for half an hour,” he said.

“And he agreed – he said it was funny and he wanted to be part of it.”

Reverse Runner is Theodore and Lachlan Ryan’s debut feature film about an aspiring athlete, played by Colac’s Daniel Cannon, hoping to compete in the sport of reverse running at the Alternate Olympics.

Brady joins a star-studded cast including marathon runner Steve Moneghetti, sports commentator Bruce McAvaney and comedians Dave Callan and Rhys Mitchell.

“I used to do a lot of jeans commercials and all sorts of voiceovers and I went out of fashion,” Brady said.

“I’m hoping Jarrod and Lachlan’s film rediscovers me,” he said.

“They’re pretty young, funky filmmakers and clearly, they’re not ageist.”

Brady said Reverse Runner appealed to him straight away.

“I love crazy ideas and I think their film is crazy. It’s great and grand nonsense,” he said.

“It’s wonderful and it makes you laugh, and it’s a health movie because laughing is good for your health.

“I’m very grateful to Jarrod and Lachlan for thinking outside the square and choosing someone like me.”

Theodore said Brady was “terrific” when he recorded the voiceover at Ryan’s workplace studios in Melbourne on Wednesday.

“He put his own original spin on the classic Hollywood voiceover.”

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