Colac sick of drunken louts

COLAC residents are “sick to death” of drunks causing havoc late at night.

Fed-up people have told the Colac Herald about alcohol bottles in their front yards, damage to fences and loud noise waking them up on Friday and Saturday nights in the Hearn Street area.

Residents also raised their concerns on Facebook following a Colac Herald article this week about drinking in Colac’s central business area around Memorial Square.

But Colac mother Peta Bennetts said the problems spread beyond central Colac.

She said groups of drunk people loitered near her home on weekends and woke her baby.

Mrs Bennetts said the noise was “pretty full on”.

“They’re walking up and down the streets,” she said.

“Very loud, they sound like they are in our house it’s that loud.

“I’ve got a baby and they wake my baby up, it’s very tiring.

“It’s definitely young people, they’re under 18, you know they’re under 18, as soon as you mention police they’re scared,” Mrs Bennetts said.

“Sometimes it’ll be between five to 10 people other times it’ll be two groups of 10,” she said.

Mrs Bennetts said she also saw rubbish and bottles around the Hearn Street area while out walking.

“You always see a massive trail of destruction along the way,” she said.

“I’ve seen people having to go out and pick up the rubbish.

“It’s just not uncommon to find bottles on the lawn.”

Mrs Bennetts said she hadn’t called police about the issue, “because they bolt as soon as you mention police”.

A resident who wanted to remain anonymous for fear of retribution also said people making noise outside her bedroom woke her up.

She said she was “so sick to death of them waking us, without fail”.

“Not to mention their rubbish in my yard,” she said.

A Colac woman on Facebook said she saw a damaged fence while out walking on Sunday morning.

“We came across a girl who was out picking up her and her neighbour’s fence palings,” she said.

“The whole walk was a trail of rubbish and destruction and then to get to the park and see the mess we did was so disappointing.”

Colac police Sergeant Wayne Oakes said police hadn’t received any complaints about groups loitering in the city’s streets.

“If they’ve got concerns, simply let us know,” Sgt Oakes said.

“We do our best to respond to them appropriately,” he said.

“We can take the matter further in a number of ways.”

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