Creativity just comes naturally

Carole Redlich and her daughter Karen show their work at Cororooke’s Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery.

CREATIVITY comes naturally for Alvie’s Redlich family.

Carole is a textile artist, her husband Karloff makes custom guitars and their daughter Karen is a painter and illustrator.

Carole and Karloff moved to Alvie two years ago after living in Western Australia and the Mornington Peninsula.

“One of the reasons we made the move was so we could have more space for all the things we like to create,” Carole said.

“I do a wide range of textile art, experimental embroidery, jewellery, felting, sculptures and wearable art too,” she said.

Carole has shown her work internationally, including at an exhibition in Los Angeles.

She said it was important for artists to make time for what they loved.

“Art can have a low priority for people but if you love it than you’re not really fulfilled unless you’re putting time aside for it,” Carole said.

“That’s particularly the case for women, because so often they’re unselfish and dedicate themselves to their families and their work without making time for themselves and what they love,” she said.

“That’s why women artists often peak in their 50s and 60s because they finally have the time they need, and the same for men who have worked on their farms for their whole lives.

“But what we don’t always realise is that people can light up their entire communities with their art, so it’s good for everyone.”

Carole’s daughter Karen moved to Alvie after studying illustration and graphic design in Western Australia.

She works as a freelance artist as well as teaching children’s art classes.

“Art is something I’ve always loved so it was pretty natural for me to go on and study it,” Karen said.

“Admittedly it was tough after I graduated because the industry is so competitive, but I’ve actually found that since moving to Alvie I’ve had many more opportunities to teach and to display art and even to sell some of my pictures,” she said.

The mother-and-daughter team are involved in Cororooke’s Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery, north of Colac.

The gallery has launched a new art exhibition called Changing Seasons, which features a painting by Karen titled The Dancer.

“I was dragged to the ballet once and I didn’t really think I was going to enjoy it but I loved it and the way they were almost bird-like in their dancing, so that’s what inspired me,” she said.

The Cororooke exhibition is open on weekends and includes paintings, sculptures, glassware and textiles from 35 artists.

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