Fire Alive competes for best band title

The Fire Alive, from left, Josh Rigg, Trav Lineen, Warren Woods and Tom Maw will travel to Sydney for a Global Battle of the Bands Australasian final this weekend.

COLAC district band The Fire Alive will vie for the title of Australia’s best up-and-coming live band this weekend.

The Fire Alive is among 18 bands competing in a Global Battle of the Bands Australasian final at western Sydney’s Evan Theatre on Saturday.

The winner will represent Australasia at a world final.

The Fire Alive guitarist Trav Lineen said the band was “really pumped” about the competition, having won the Victorian final in October.

“It’s been on our minds for a while,” Lineen said.

“We never know what to expect – last time, I was kind of blown away by the quality of the bands we were able to win against,” he said.

“We’ve probably got a lot of belief in ourselves.

“It’s not crazy to think we’re going to be able to win, but we’re not expecting to win.”

Lineen said he and bandmates Josh Rigg, Tom Maw and Warren Woods would have about eight minutes to impress the judges, which would be a challenge in itself.

“Our songs are kind of lengthy so if we play two songs we’ll probably end up playing for 15 minutes,” he said.

“We’ll just play what we played at the last final and hope for the best.”

Lineen said the band hoped to arrange a convoy of fans to support them in Sydney.

“We’re trying to encourage as many people to come,” he said.

“We’re planning on driving up Friday.

“Hopefully these floods haven’t impacted too much; we haven’t really talked about floods but I guess plan B will be flying.”


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