Hats off to Elliminyt fashion student

Fashion student Sondra Ware at work at her Elliminyt home.

ELLIMINYT’S Sondra Ware refuses to settle for ordinary headwear – so she makes her own.

The former Trinity College Student is in her third year of fashion and millinery studies at Melbourne’s RMIT University.

Ms Ware said her lecturers encouraged her to be creative.

“They’re always telling us to think about different designs and to keep thinking outside the box,” she said.

Ms Ware was a finalist in the Colac Gold Cup’s fashions on the field contest, where she modelled one of her headpieces complete with a shoe on top.

Click on the image for a closer look at Sondra Ware's creations.

“I get my inspiration from all over the place, the shoe idea came from Schiaparelli, who used to make hats with shoes out of felt,” Ms Ware said.

“Some people start with sketches but I’m pretty hands-on so I like to start playing around with materials and see how it goes,” she said.

Ms Ware said her Bachelor of Design course involved more bookwork than she had previously thought.

“There’s a lot of practical work but at the start there was a fair bit of theory too, because we had to learn about history of fashion and sustainability and the chemical side of it all, so there was a bit to take in,” she said.

“I love it and the course is great, we have fashion shows at the end of the year and our next one will be garments made of flowers for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.”

Ms Ware said she dreamed of owning a fashion label.

“One day I’d love to have my own label, but after I graduate I’d like to go work for someone else so I can build up my experience and my industry contacts too,” she said.

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