Teams gear up for state firefighting titles

Colac’s Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria committee auctioned signed AFL jumpers to raise money for the state firefighting championships this month. Pictured from left are Debbie Van Es, John McGee, Amanda Holt, Mike Evans and Barry Ackerley.

FIRE authorities have launched the state’s firefighting championships in Colac.

The city will host the event later this month, with more than 1000 people from across Victoria competing.

Organising committee chairman Mike Evans said the launch was a successful fundraiser for the championships.

“It was great, especially to have fire commissioner Craig Lapsley here to talk to everyone,” Mr Evans said.

“He spoke about how important it was to be meeting with volunteers on the ground in order to change the culture of the CFA within the community,” Mr Evans said.

“He was saying that you can’t just sit up in ivory towers in Melbourne, you have to work with the community to build connections, which is exactly what we hope to do with the Victorian championships,” he said.

“It’s important that people know how we work as well as encouraging more diversity among the ranks.”

The Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria’s rural championships are on March 31 and April 1 at Colac Showgrounds.

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