Coastal water restrictions ending

APOLLO Bay district residents can water lawns and gardens any time from Sunday morning.

Apollo Bay, Skenes Creek and Marengo water users will go from Stage Two water restrictions to Barwon Water’s permanent water saving plan.

But Apollo Bay nursery owner Annette McDougall says lifting water restrictions will probably not encourage people to garden.

Mrs McDougall said people had changed over the years, building new homes that filled a house block, with “no room for plants”.

But she said holiday homeowners with yards liked native plants and other drought-resistant plants.

“A lot of Melbourne people think it rains down here all the time, so they don’t worry about watering,” Mrs McDougall said.

Barwon Water chairman Michael King said the water restriction change would be a familiar routine for the towns’ residents.

“Restrictions have been necessary along this coastal stretch for a number of summers because of the limited capacity of the Marengo basin, which supplies the three townships, and the influx of thousands of holidaymakers,” Dr King said.

The new water plan allows people to use a hand-held hose with a trigger nozzle to water gardens and use watering systems from 6pm to 10am.

Residents can hose driveways, paths, timber decking, concrete or other paved areas after an accident or fire, for health and safety reasons or during construction or renovations.

People can also use fountains and water features that re-circulate water.

The Marengo storage is 85 per cent full.

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