Easter blitz on Colac district roads

Leading Senior Constable Mark Daffy of Colac Highway Patrol says police will be out in force during the Easter break.

POLICE will flood Colac and district roads in a bid to prevent road deaths during the Easter break.

Colac’s Acting Senior Sergeant Shane Howard said 12 police officers from Melbourne would patrol Colac and district for speeding motorists, drink drivers and other traffic offenders.

“They’re part of an operational response unit and they’ll be in both marked and unmarked vehicles throughout the Easter weekend,” Sgt Howard said.

“Good Friday and Easter are traditionally very busy days on our roads, both along the coast and on the Princes Highway, and the weather’s looking promising too which means there could be more people getting in their cars,” he said.

The traffic crackdown coincides with the launch of a statewide campaign from Victoria Police called We are the Toll.

Police predict 2012’s final road toll could be 30 to 40 deaths higher than last year’s toll.

Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay launched the campaign this week and said people needed to realise how each road death affected the community.

“We talk about the fact there has been 82 deaths on our roads but I think the reality of this figure doesn’t seep in anymore,” Mr Lay said.

“It seems that there is some complacency, an acceptance with road death among the community,” he said.

“This campaign is about saying road victims are not just an anonymous name in the paper, they are our neighbours, they are our family, they are police – we are the toll,” he said.

Sgt Howard said the campaign’s message applied to Colac and district.

“We know here as much as anywhere that road accidents affect far more than the person killed or injured,” he said.

“One of the attitudes we need to get rid of is the ‘it won’t happen to me’ idea, because it happens all too often.”

Roadsafe Otway volunteers will offer motorists free tea and coffee at their Driver Reviver Princes Highway site at Colac West from Good Friday until Monday.

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