Portraits have pride of place

COLAC artist Beverly Legg says painting portraits has a special place in her heart.

Mrs Legg has painted portraits of her nine grandchildren, and the paintings have pride of place in her home.

“There’s something more personal about a portrait, it isn’t instant like photos are these days but it’s special,” Mrs Legg said.

“Years ago people used to get portraits painted all of the time but not anymore,” she said.

Colac’s Beverly Legg says she aims to paint in her art room every day.

“With portraits you can really show people as they are, so I find a photograph of them I like and sketch it out before painting it.

“Then they’ve got something they can keep forever.”

Mrs Legg said she started painting almost 40 years ago when her husband George died.

“Painting gave me something to do after my husband died, I was already busy but it filled in the quieter moments,” she said.

“My mother had painted and so did my daughter, so I thought I’d give it a try and it helped me a lot.

“I put a new room on the house and it’s now my sewing and art room.”

Mrs Legg exhibits her work in Colac and is a student of Colac district art teacher Salvina Conti.

“I’m probably the oldest in Salvina’s class but it doesn’t matter to me,” she said.

“I started painting with oils and then I went on to acrylics, I’ve been using watercolour and the gouache technique with Salvina’s help and I’m starting to get used to it.

“It’s important to keep trying to extend yourself and do things that really test you, and that’s what I’m doing with my painting.”

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