Extra care for cancer sufferers

Colac and District Breast and Ovarian Cancer Support Group member Bronwyn Foster, right, is pictured with salon7one’s Sally O’Brien.

A NEW wig bank will pamper Colac cancer patients.

Colac and District Breast and Ovarian Cancer Support Group has organised a wig bank and personal grooming service for women with cancer.

The service will provide wigs and hairdressing tips to women, as well as skincare and makeup advice.

Support group member Bronwyn Foster said women previously had to travel to Warrnambool or Geelong to access wigs while they were on chemotherapy treatment.

“After diagnosis a lot of women have to travel for treatments, and then on top of that they might have to travel to organise wigs and get advice from hairdressers, which only adds to people’s worries,” she said.

Doctors diagnosed Mrs Foster with breast cancer in 2007 and she had eight months of treatment.

She said women’s appearances changed during chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

“It’s not just loss of hair, but everything from your skin to your nails change, it can be quite dramatic,” Mrs Foster said.

“So we can’t really underestimate the beauty side of things, because it’s true that when you look good you feel better, and it can give women a real boost,” she said.

“Personally I didn’t have wigs because I naturally wear my hair short and that’s a decision for each individual, but I still needed advice from hairdressers when it started to grow back and I used a lot of headscarves – so the wig bank will have scarves and hats for hire as well.”

Mrs Foster said the cancer support group had worked with Colac’s salon7one to establish the wig bank.

“Sally at salon7one will be offering a private service to women, giving them advice on the right wigs for their head shape or women can bring in their wigs and get advice,” Mrs Foster said.

“Wigs can be very expensive, around $400, which is an added expense in a time when families are already struggling, so with this service women could come and hire a wig or donate their wigs which Sally will clean and maintain,” she said.

“It’s just nice to have expertise on hand, and women

can come after the salon has closed for their privacy.

“This is something that has been missing from Colac so we’re very happy that we can make it happen here.”

The cancer support group will have a morning tea today from 9.30 am at salon7one to raise money for the wig bank.


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