Shopping trolley delays train

COLAC rail passengers had a delayed morning commute after their train hit a shopping trolley.

V-Line spokesman James Kelly said it was likely someone had deliberately placed the trolley on the rail line at Colac Railway Station, causing a 47-minute delay for passengers on a 6.57am service to Melbourne.

“The reason for the delay was because the trolley rammed underneath the train and we had to call for help to remove it,” Mr Kelly said.

“Given the location of the trolley, it is likely it was definitely placed on the tracks deliberately,” he said.

Mr Kelly said Friday’s incident also delayed the 7.19am train from Melbourne to Warrnambool, which arrived 27 minutes late because it had to wait for the Melbourne-bound train to pass.

“We couldn’t think of a more stupid thing for somebody to do given the cost it can cause for us to repair a potentially damaged train and the delay to our customers,” Mr Kelly said.

“When this happens every taxpayer pays for the repair and lost time involved.”

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