Boost for Apollo Bay pool push

Apollo Bay P-12 College vice-principal Brian Humphries, left, and Apollo Bay Aquatic Centre Association’s Gary McPike are pushing for funding to replace a dilapidated outdoor pool.

AN Apollo Bay community group has boosted its push for a heated swimming pool by recruiting new members and adding four members to its committee.

The Apollo Bay Aquatic Centre Association elected four new committee members at its annual meeting.

Otway Health chief executive Linda West was elected as the community association’s new president.

The members re-elected Jane Gross as secretary.

Mrs Gross said she was pleased because she hadn’t expected the four new committee members would put their hands up for the job.

“We didn’t really expect new members,” she said.

“They were really eager to join, with great expertise.”

Mrs Gross said 40 of the group’s 260 members attended the meeting.

She said members backed the committee’s choice of Apollo Bay P-12 College as the site for its proposal for a new community pool.

“Everyone’s just keen that we’ve finally decided on a vision and we’re going for it,” Mrs Gross said.

She said members shared their views on opening hours of the planned pool after the formal part of the meeting

Mrs Gross said details were important before the group could settle on proposed pool costs for users.

“We will have to follow it up with the community,” she said.

“We’ll probably do a survey.”

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