Rain forces hospital evacuation

Staff had to evacuate elderly residents after rain flooded Apollo Bay’s Otway Health.

STAFF evacuated eight elderly residents after heavy rain flooded Apollo Bay’s hospital and aged-care centre.

Otway Health called Apollo Bay Country Fire Authority volunteers to pump water from the hospital at 9.18pm Friday.

CFA Brigade Captain David Howell said the “major” flood was knee height outside the hospital and 200 millimetres high inside the buildings.

“We were there until 1am helping them out; we finally got the water low enough,” Mr Howell said.

Otway Health staff moved the flood-affected aged-care residents to Colac Hospital.

Colac Area Health chief Geoff Iles said he was glad to re-accommodate the displaced residents.

He said the extra residents increased the number of aged-care residents at Colac Area Health by 10 per cent.

“It’s quite a lift in the workload,” Mr Iles said.

“The staff have responded really well to the challenge.”

Mr Iles said relocating the aged-care residents was difficult but an Otway Health staff member went with the residents for support.


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