Students record in school studio

Year 11 music student Mia Frost records a track at Apollo Bay P-12 College’s new studio.

APOLLO BAY students are learning to record music in a professional, on-campus studio.

The new Apollo Bay P-12 College studio features high-quality microphones and the latest technology.

Vocational and Education Training students from the college and students from other schools including Colac Secondary College and Trinity College will use the studio.

Musicians in the community will also be able to use the four-room $70,000 studio, funded by the Federal Government’s trade-training centre program.

Music teacher and professional musician Matt Orchard said the new facility was “amazing”.

“It’s the kind of facility that even a high-profile act, a charting band could come down and record a quality CD,” Mr Orchard said.

“We used to record in that same space in a relatively ramshackle way with borrowed gear,” he said.

“We were able to record two tracks at a time.

“Now we can record up to 250 tracks. It’s industry standard.”

Apollo Bay P-12 College principal John McConchie said students from Colac schools travelled to Apollo Bay to study music industry and music performance.

“There is a level of cooperation in timetabling,” Mr McConchie said.

“Kids go both ways,” he said.

“That sort of cooperation already exists between the schools.

“We would like to see it used by more kids.”

Apollo Bay P-12 also hosts students from other schools in its outdoor recreation course, which includes surfing and other water activities.

Mr Orchard, who had been playing and recording for almost 20 years, said he was impressed with the new facilities.

“It’s unbelievable,” he said.

“I took a private guitar lesson with a kid the other day.

“By the time we finished he had a high quality song already recorded and ready to mix down.”


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