Police resume hunt for cold case killer

 Deteictives Dave Renney and Stuart Sims of Colac CIU are investigating the death of Karl Walters, inset, 25 years ago.

Detectives Dave Renney and Stuart Sims of Colac CIU are investigating the death of Karl Walters, inset, 25 years ago.

COLAC detectives have resumed a hunt for a motorist who hit and killed an Apollo Bay man near the coastal town 25 years ago.

Colac Criminal Investigation Unit has re-opened the investigation into the hit-run killing of Karl Francis Walters, after new information emerged about his death which happened on the Great Ocean Road, near Apollo Bay, in 1987.

Mr Walters, who was 19 years old, was walking across Wild Dog Creek bridge when an unknown vehicle hit and killed him in the early hours of Saturday, December 12.

The victim was walking home from a party when he died.

Passersby found Mr Walters’s body about 5.15am, and police believed he could have died up to two hours earlier.

The Colac Herald reported at the time that a red, tray-type vehicle could have been involved in the incident.

Detective Stuart Sims of Colac CIU, who is leading the investigation, said a person had contacted police about the hit-run, prompting investigators to revisit the cold case.

“Police have received information in relation to this hit-run in 1987,” Det Sims said.

“We believe people, still living in the community, have information in relation to the man’s death – someone has got to know something,” he said.

“We will give it all our resources that we have in Colac like any other job and we’ll be getting assistance from other crime units within Victoria Police if we need it.”

Det Sims said Mr Walters had family members still living in the Apollo Bay area.

He said he had spoken to the victim’s brother, who said his family was happy police were revisiting the unsolved killing of his brother.

“They’re rapt – they are still pretty sore as you would be,” Det Sims said.

“It would be nice for the family to get some form of closure – it’s one of the main reasons for the investigation, closure for the family,” he said.

Det Sims said people with information about the case could contact him at Colac CIU.

“If anyone wants to contact me in confidence they are more than welcome,” he said.

The inquiry is the second Colac district hit-run cold case that authorities have resumed investigating in recent years.

In 2007, police re-opened the investigation into the 1976 hit-run death of Barongarook man Hugh Wilson, on Colac-Lavers Hill Road, after authorities received new information.

A coronial inquest into the case finished last year but Mr Wilson’s death remains unsolved.

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