Rain turns sea brown

Heavy rain drenched the Otways coastline.

Heavy rain drenched the Otways coastline.

THE sea turned brown, roads flooded and drains burst when heavy rain fell along the Otways coast.

Leading Senior Constable Andy Orchard of Apollo Bay police said motorists had near misses in a flooded stretch of the Great Ocean Road, between Wild Dog Creek and Skenes Creek.

“People were calling it in, we notified VicRoads and they put signing up because it was quite dangerous,” Sen Const Orchard said.

“We had such a big downpour, the drains couldn’t cope and they were blocked up and there was water over the roads,” he said.

Apollo Bay received 52 millimetres of rain in the 24 hours to 9am yesterday.

Sen Const Orchard said a drain at Tiger Lane, Skenes Creek, failed to cope with the downpour and sent mud flowing across the Great Ocean Road.

“The sea went brown,” he said.

“There was mud flowing into the ocean from Skenes Creek.”

Sen Const Orchard said flooded roads caused traffic issues because drivers were misjudging the water depth.

“You couldn’t see it from the road and the other side looked perfectly good,” he said.

Sen Const Orchard said the flooding had receded yesterday and contractors were at Apollo Bay working on the strained drains.

Meanwhile, Wyelangta received a 60-millimetre dumping on Wednesday night, while Weeaproinah had 55 millimetres.

Beech Forest’s Rupert Hewison recorded 41 millimetres in the 24 hours to 9am yesterday.

“There was a very heavy downpour in the evening about seven or eight o’clock,” Mr Hewison said.

“And then it just carried on,” he said.

Mount Sabine, near Lorne, picked up 31 millimetres, but Colac had just 10 millimetres of rain.

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