Near miss at rail crossing

A near-miss at a Colac railway crossing has sparked concern.

A near-miss at a Colac railway crossing has sparked concern.

A “NEAR-MISS” at a Colac rail level crossing has sparked concern about crossing safety.

A four-wheel-drive had a near-miss with a V-Line train at Colac’s Armstrong Street level crossing this month.

Nearby resident John Lineen said drivers often sped through the area, and along Wilson Street, through a 40-kilometre-an-hour permanent school zone.

Mr Lineen said news of Thursday’s near-miss failed to surprise him.

“I’ve been there for 30-odd years, there’s been a couple of cars cleaned up there,” he said.

“My biggest beef about that intersection is that we have lots of hoon activity.

“Along that Wilson Street stretch where it’s 40ks permanently, cars fly down there at 80 kilometres an hour.”

Mr Lineen described hearing and seeing cars “flying over the railway line” and drivers “revving the guts out of the cars”.

“You can never catch the type of car, because by the time you get out of the seat they’re gone,” he said.

“It’s not a shot at the police, they’ve got other things to do.

“They’ve just got to take it a little bit easier, it would be good to see speed cameras there.”

Colac Highway Patrol Sergeant Shane Howard said police encouraged drivers not to become complacent around level crossings.

“The thing is, they can always be late or early, if you regularly cross across a certain intersection that is controlled by bells, you do need to stop and make sure there is nothing coming,” Sgt Howard said of the city’s V-Line trains.

“The other thing is that the crossings, and whether they be lights and bells or ones with barriers, you’re not permitted to cross them while those lights or bells are running,” he said.

Sgt Howard said drives should also remember that freight trains used the line at irregular intervals.

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