Cricket teams keen for promotion

 Birregurra cricketers have nominated to join Colac district cricket’s top grade.

Birregurra cricketers have nominated to join Colac district cricket’s top grade.

THE CDCA could have nine cricket teams in the top grade in 2015-16 after Warrion and Birregurra nominated Division One sides at Monday’s annual meeting.

The association’s nine board members will gather again next Wednesday night to finalise changes for the upcoming season, and fill the vacant president and general manager’s roles.

Outgoing president Michael Ranfaniello said the board would decide on the Saints and Panthers’ desire to enter a side in the Division One competition.

Mr Rafaniello said he was confident both clubs would receive the tick of approval, which is a positive step for the strength of the senior competition.

Otway has also nominated a team to play in the association again in 2015-16 after going into recess last season.

“Birregurra and Warrion nominated their preference and there’s a board meeting next Wednesday, and all the nominations will be discussed,” Mr Rafaniello said.

“But they’re both feeling pretty confident and it’s a positive step – if it all pans out and we have nine sides and it’s been a long time since that’s happened.”

Irrewarra’s Nick Hay, Aidan Spence, Colac, and Mick Leahy, Warrion, are new members to the nine-man board, with Alvie and Birregurra requesting late nominations to join the committee.

Mr Rafaniello said the CDCA could look at alternative options to fill a chairman’s position if no nominations come forward next week.

“There wasn’t much action with Craig and myself and the president and general manager positions,” he said.

“We had nine nominate for the board and we had a couple of late ones at the meeting, which will have to be discussed next Wednesday.

“If there are no nominations they could look at rotating the position through the board members, and we could also look at having a general manager that’s not on the board.”

Mr Rafaniello said the board had asked nominated Division One clubs for feedback on the possible return of two-day cricket to the top grade for the upcoming season.

“We’ll email all the clubs and find out their preference, but then it will be voted on by the board once they have that information back,” he said.

“It’s not going to be just about two-day cricket, it’ll be about the format as well, it could be changing the one-day format from 45 overs to 50, and do you change the bowling restrictions as well?”

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