New citizens are thrilled to call Colac their home

The Item family, from left, Leoncio, Lilia, baby Nickhozilce and Hannah, are proud to call Australia home. Leoncio and Hannah will become Australian citizens today.

Colac’s Leoncio Item will strengthen his commitment to life in Australia when he and daughter Hannah become Australian citizens tomorrow.

Mr Item’s wife Lilia and their baby son Nickhozilce will support Leoncio and Hannah during the Australia Day citizenship ceremony at Apollo Bay.

The family moved to Australia from the Philippines on January 10, 2008, after Leoncio received a job on a piggery at Inverleigh.

“I’m very fortunate I was able to come here,” he said.

He is unit manager of a piggery for Otway Pork.

Leoncio said he loved Australia’s lifestyle, in particular Colac.

“I love the way of living, it’s more secure compared to my place in the Philippines,” he said.

The Item family moved Colac because Lilia found work in Colac.

“I enjoy living in Colac, moved here because my wife is working at the ALC,” Leoncio said.

“I like everything, the people, everything you want is here already,” he said.

“Colac is a good place to bring your child up, I plan to stay here in Colac and Australia long term.”

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