Cousins both receive Australia Day honour

Left, Sister Mary O’Shannassy and her cousin Claire Larkin, received Order or Australia honours on Australia Day.

Two former Cororooke women will receive Order of Australia medals for their service to communities across the country.

Cousins Claire Larkin and Sister Mary O’Shannassy received the honours on Australia Day.

Mrs Larkin’s medal recognises her dedication to the Mary MacKillop Interpretive Centre at Penola, South Australia.

The passionate volunteer moved to Penola from Cororooke with her sister Anne, where she remains with her husband Brian.

Sr O’Shannassy went to primary and secondary school at St Brendans, and lived in Ryans Lane, Cororooke, before moving to Sydney to become a Sister of the Good Samaritan.

She now works as a chaplain in the Victorian criminal justice system, and has worked in parishes across the country since leaving Colac.

“That takes me to the maximum security prisons, right through to the medium and minimum- security prisons where they are getting ready to re-enter society,” she said.

Sr O’Shannassy said she enjoyed helping prisoners establish self worth.

“Many have never been given respect,” she said.

“We work to get them to find something good within themselves and see something good within them, but they find that very challenging.”

Sr O’Shannassy said chaplaincy was a very rewarding experience that aimed to “create less victims in society”.

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