Falcon’s injury turns out to be broken leg

Colac footballer Cooper Stephens is likely to miss the opening month of the TAC Cup season after discovering his “corked leg” was actually a broken bone.

The Geelong Falcons co-captain, who is one of Colac’s top AFL draft hopefuls, said he was lucky he had not furthered the damage after continuing to run on the injured leg, which he hurt in an intraclub match on March 5.

“I copped a knee to the side of my right leg, and initially we just thought it was a corky,” Stephens said.

“Over the last few weeks I’ve just been doing light jogging on it at training but the pain just wouldn’t go away like it normally would with a corky.

“So we decided to go and get an x-ray and it turned out there was a crack straight through my fibula.”

Stephens said he was lucky despite the bad news, with the bone staying in alignment and already beginning to heal.

“If I had have broken my tibia it would have been a lot worse and a lot more painful,” he said.

“I’ve been walking and jogging on it but luckily it hasn’t done any further damage, the fibula isn’t a weight-bearing bone, it only supports 17 per cent of your body weight so you can still walk on it.

“The other good news was that the bone is still in alignment, if it wasn’t I probably would have needed an operation because the bone has already started to

Stephens said the injury did not require plaster, but doctors advised him to “give it a few weeks of rest for it to calm down because I had been walking on it”.

“They said in about two weeks I can start running again, and then in about four or five weeks hopefully I’ll be able to return to footy,” he said.

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