Proposal to improve Colac’s centrepiece

Colac’s war memorial could be restored under a draft master plan for Memorial Square.

Restoration of the war memorial, and the creation of a larger playspace are among the proposed improvements for Colac’s Memorial Square.

Consultants have completed a draft Memorial Square Master Plan and Colac Otway Shire councillors will decide Wednesday if they will endorse the proposal and release it to the community for feedback.

The report to the council says “key improvements are not suggesting major changes or development to Memorial Square” with community consultation showing support for ensuring the memorial remains the square’s focus.

Key recommendations in the report include restoring the memorial, with a cost estimate of $204,000, and maintaining the existing infrastructure including the fountain and rotunda.

The master plan proposes to increase the size of the existing play area and “provide a greater range of play experience by replacing or renewing some or all of the play equipment”.

The larger playspace would also feature “a physical barrier” to the west and north in the form of long curved benches for seating, which could help address safety concerns previously raised by families because of its distance from traffic.

The plan estimates the playground upgrade would cost about $290,000, while another high priority, the design and installation of a new irrigation system to improve the maintenance of the turf, is expected to cost $120,000.

Other recommendations in the plan include “improving the existing and install new seating, picnic tables, public infrastructure, barbecues and shelters where required”.

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