Vintage trucks sold to private collector

Merv Brunt

A Colac man says the region needs more historical attractions and drawcards, after the sale of an iconic Colac truck collection to a private collector.

The late Merv Brunt’s truck collection has sold to an unknown Western District buyer and is currently not on public display.

Colac man Jack Ramakar said a six-week trip around Australia made him realise the lack of museums and historical attractions around Colac.

He said during his travels he stopped at Alice Springs’ National Road Transport Hall of Fame museum and spent six hours exploring the display, which featured one of Merv Brunt’s vintage trucks.

“Merv Brunt’s truck was up there, I’d rather have Merv’s truck here, I’m really disappointed about that, there should have been a museum here,” he said.

Mr Brunt died in October last year and family member Peter Brunt confirmed that Merv’s collection of trucks had sold.

“The vintage trucks have been sold and purchased by a local collector in the Western District,” he said.

“And this is a great outcome as it was always our father’s wish that they remain as a collection in their entirety.

“At present they’re remaining in Colac and no other decision has been made about their future.

“As a family we’re really pleased that we could honour his wishes and keep them as a collection because that was what he ultimately wanted, it’s a great outcome for all.”

Before his death, Mr Brunt donated proceeds from his vintage truck museum, which included about 40 trucks with three more than 100 years old, to organisations within Colac.

Mr Ramaker, who owns vintage vehicles and has a strong interest in their history, said Merv Brunt’s trucks were an asset and a drawcard for people to visit Colac, but with the future of the museum uncertain, he said he believed Colac needed more attractions.

“Well they say it’s the gateway to the Otways; what gateway?” he said.

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