Town’s toilets disgust visitor

A Melbourne woman who travelled through Winchelsea said the town’s public toilets were in a “disgusting” condition when she passed through the town at the weekend.

A Melbourne woman travelling through Winchelsea says she was disgusted at the conditions of the town’s public toilets.

The woman raised her concerns about the state of the public facilities after reading an article published in the Colac Herald, which detailed an Apollo Bay resident’s “embarrassment” over the coastal town’s public toilets.

The visitor said four of the toilets were “disgusting” when she passed through at the weekend and sent in photos which showed overflowing sanitary bins and rubbish on the cubicles’ floors.

Contractors built the facilities at Barwon Terrace three years ago as part of the highway duplication works from Winchelsea to Geelong.

For the full story see today’s Colac Herald.

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