SES volunteers back Movember

Colac’s State Emergency Services “Mobros” and “Mosistas”, from left, Steve Tevelein, Heather Cardinal, Renee Ingram, Shane Richardson, Tom Robinson and Jacob Mahoney are raising money during Movember.

Colac residents may see a suave looking emergency vehicle making its way around the area after State Emergency Services volunteers added a moustache to their vehicle.

Colac SES unit have thrown their support behind men’s health by joining Movember and growing their moustaches.

Growing a mo in November has become a popular tradition with participants utilising the month as a way to speak about men’s health and raise money for a range of charities.

Both male and female Colac SES members are supporting the cause with the women in the group asking for sponsorship for being active during the month.

Colac SES commander Steve Tevelein said promoting men’s health, particularly depression, was important to the majority-male unit because they dealt with tough situations on a regular basis.

Steve said the past weekend highlighted the importance of talking about mental health after members attended multiple road crashes throughout the region including a fatal crash at Gellibrand where a 16-year-old girl died.

He said the fatal crash was a member’s first incident response after moving up from the junior ranks and it was a difficult for all emergency services members to deal with road crashes.

“We go to road crashes all the time and that really affects volunteers from every emergency service whether it be CFA, the police or Ambos,” Steve said.

“Every job takes its toll,” he said.

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